I'm a sound designer specializing in immersive real time audio, foley, and experimental music. Previously at Weta Gameshop / Magic Leap focusing on XR development, I'm again taking on projects in both interactive and linear media
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Sound Design for Games & Film

From full-cycle game audio development to indie projects, feature films to shorts, apps to advertisements; I love being involved in projects of all sizes.

Spatial Audio
for VR / MR / AR

Do you have an idea you'd like help bringing to life in VR, MR or AR? Lets talk!

Interactive & Immersive Audio

Creating and implementing audio assets with function in mind to ensure the experience feels 'just right'.

Music Composition

Are you in need of a soundtrack?
Spooky, experimental music is my speciality.

Music Editing & Implementation

Masterful music integration is a vital part of any seamless, immersive experience. Let's explore how functional music can enhance your product!


"Stephanie was able to design sound effects which perfectly suited the character of the existing art and animations. Her expertise on how to balance the many competing parts of the soundscape in AR ensured that each user would hear the content most relevant to them."

Dennis Hwang,
VP Visual and
Interaction Design,


"...While many experiences in these new mediums end up as glorified tech demos, "Dr. G." shipped as an actual game full of AAA visuals, Hollywood actors, and an orchestral score. Steph's task then was to take a traditional amount of game audio content, and implement it on what may currently be the most complex piece of consumer technology on the planet, bending sound design, FMOD, Unity and the nascent Magic Leap platform to her will."

Dave Shumway
Audio Lead, Magic Leap


"Steph worked as one of our key audio designers at Weta Gameshop, helping realise spatial audio, designing iconic soundscapes, crafting attention-grabbing player feedback and assembling Rhian Sheehan's amazing music for Dr. Grordbort's Invaders - a launch game that was crafted for a complex new system, the Magic Leap One that was being built under us as we went. She did this with flair and I recommend her amazing talents for parties, bar-mitzvahs and also games and film."

Greg Broadmore

Game Director, Dr Grordbort's Invaders


"Working from New Zealand in early pre-production on a new IP, we needed a concept soundscape that captured the key emotions of our world. Stephanie jumped right into the creative process with us as a true collaborator. She brought unexpected & powerful ideas and a commitment to excellence that included generating new field recordings and sourcing unique instruments (both of which went beyond initial expectations). The results are superb, truly bringing our baby to life. I look forward to working more with Stephanie soon, and highly recommend her work to anyone after compelling sound design."

Colin Roswell
Managing Director, Man on Fire


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